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HBH By Ashley Sims

Henley Hearts

Henley Hearts

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Introducing "Henley Hearts" – the ultimate accessory for trendy fashionistas with TikTok aesthetics. Crafted with exquisite details:

💖 TikTok-Worthy: Our enamel pink top is designed to catch the eye of your TikTok followers, making a bold statement.

✨ Gold Plated: Elevate your style with luxurious gold plating, perfect for any occasion.

📌 Secure Comfort: Enjoy comfort and style with our post backing that stays in place, even during your TikTok dance moves.

💕 Double Heart Love: The textured gold heart at the bottom adds a double dose of love and style.

📏 Perfect Length: At 1 7/8 inches, they strike the ideal balance between subtlety and impact.

Elevate your fashion game with "Henley Hearts" today! 💃🕺
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